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Shayla Reynolds, counselor at Centennial High SchoolAs we celebrate the essential efforts of our school counselors during National School Counselor Week, the Colorado School Counselor Association has lauded the good work and leadership of Shayla Reynolds, counselor at Centennial High School.

"Our organization relies on the hard work of volunteers to help us meet our missions of promoting excellence in the field of school counseling," said Katie Brown, Chair of Colorado School Counselor Association - CSCA "Shayla answered that call and has made our organization better by sharing their time and talents specifically as a Director.

"With all of the contributions of our dedicated board members, CSCA often is celebrated by our larger national organization as an exemplar for forward thinking. We hope that Shayla's participation with CSCA has resulted in benefits for the school and your larger District 60 community."

Shayla has again put her talents to work to benefit school counselors across the state. As the CSCA conference in October is the largest gathering of school counselors in the state, with more than 600 attendees, a good deal of work is required to stage it.

"She was a tremendous help in making sure things went smoothly, while also running our merchandise booth," Chair Brown said of Counselor Shayla. "Additionally, she serves as a Director, attending monthly planning meetings that guide our work."

Chair Brown extended her gratitude to the Distrrict for its ongoing support of school counselors and educators.

"The last several years have presented incredible challenges in the field of education. Despite all these challenges, educators have persisted thanks to the support they receive. Thank you for fostering a culture in District 60 that inspired a leader as an elected Director.

"This leadership is improving the work of school counselors across Colorado – and the nation. Thank you again for supporting Shayla, which in turn supports CSCA, which also impacts school counselors across our state."