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 Central's Drumline receives state championship award in Denver
District 60 has welcomed yet another State championship into its envied coffers.
On Saturday, at the Rocky Mountain Percussion Association State finals in Denver, the Central Wildcat Indoor Percussion Ensemble marched to first place in the Scholastic Regional A Class.
Under the direction of veteran educator Adam Whybrew and Austin Pratt, in his first year at Central, the Drumline wowed judges and fellow competitors with a futuristic original production entitled “The Reawakening.”
The theme centers around a post-apocalyptic and barren Earth, with the robed performers acting as elemental beings that rise from the dirt like phoenixes. The show's climax comes when a lone sprout is found and Mother Nature comes to reignite life on Earth.
A snippet of this impressive production -- which combines music, atmosphere and dance -- was revealed to spectators during a recent showcase of the Central Music Department.
To prepare for the show, the Drumline regularly rehearsed for two hours three times per school week and four hours on Fridays.
“Since January, we have worked tirelessly to rehearse, clean, and perfect the show,” said Mr. Pratt.
The Drumline is comprised of Alex Boterf, Mikah Cardenas, Phillip Hernandez, Jr., Gabriel Guana, Kaden Parker and Adam Rice (pit), Bobbi Candelario, Chevelle Underwood, Matteo Valdez (dancers); Chloe Deveraux and David Gilkeson (snare); Dwayne Gurule, Christopher Pollock (tenor); Andrew Mynhier and Adrian Sanchez Jr. (cymbals); and Kyleigh Ray, Sonia Ramos, Uriel Marcial, Kiersten Vee Romero and Hugo Santistevan (bass).