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An AVID pipeline to graduation through Franklin

Two female third graders listen and write All children have the goal to be successful after they leave high school, whether that means learning a trade by attending a trade school or community college, or pursuing a four-year college degree to unlock their limitless potential. 

At Franklin School of Innovation, students are continually reminded of this goal through the school’s use of the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, a college readiness system that is designed to teach students the skills required to be successful after high school.

Even though Franklin School of Innovation is an elementary school, teaching children these strategies as early as Kindergarten makes these skills second-nature for kids as they continue into middle school, high school, and beyond. That’s why the AVID curriculum is present in every classroom at Franklin.

For students, the AVID system teaches organizational skills by utilizing an “AVID Binder” with notes and handouts for each subject. These skills help our students organize their thoughts and better analyze what they’re learning. 

Additionally, as Franklin is a feeder school into Heaton Middle School and East High School - both of which follow the AVID curriculum, as well - students can hone their college-readiness skills all the way toward graduation. This “AVID pipeline” is a unique feature enjoyed by Franklin students. 

When combined with the tools and resources provided by the Pueblo School District 60 Innovation Zone program, of which Franklin School of Innovation is a member, our kids are equipped to reach their highest potential.