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Teacher Appreciation Week

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Dear Staff, 
Please help me to recognize and honor our educators this week and every day.
As someone who began her career as a classroom teacher, no one knows better than me that the job of an educator is often times difficult and challenging, requiring patience, perseverance, commitment and, above all, a love for children and desire to see them achieve the best that life has to offer.
And that's in a normal year.
Throughout this ongoing pandemic, the job of teaching our children has taken on new and patience-testing dimensions, with the landscape often changing at a moment's notice. This has required our valued teachers to exercise flexibility and resilience in not only keeping our students engaged, but ensuring that they continue to grow and flourish, despite the unpredictability of their surroundings.
Through it all, the mission of our district has remained the same: giving everything we have to prepare children to lead a life full of purpose and impact. And all of you have fulfilled that role admirably and commendably.
Teaching is often a thankless job, but no one enters this profession with a desire for accolades and the spotlight. Rather, we as educators do it for the most noblest of reasons: to gift the community, and the world itself, with the next generation of leaders, scientists, lawyers, doctors, skilled laborers, journalists, public servants and, of course, teachers.
So during this week set aside to honor and recognize your unparalleled and selfless efforts, I want to personally thank you for the amazing job you are doing, and have always done, for our children, our district, and in turn, our community. 
I want you to know that while I might not have the opportunity to personally express my daily gratitude to each and every one of you, my appreciation for the life-changing job you are doing is without measure. 
A school district is only as strong and sturdy as its backbone. And I'm proud to say that you are our backbone, and your ongoing efforts in support of this great school district and its children are appreciated throughout the year.
Charlotte Macaluso