Early Enrollment Application to Nettie S. Freed Expeditionary School

  • Parents can now submit an application for one or more students
    to attend Nettie S. Freed starting in the 2023-24 school year

    This window will remain open through January 3, after which all complete applications will be included in a lottery. 
    Submitting an application early in the window has no impact on the results of the Nettie S. Freed lottery in January.

  • Before you begin, make sure that pop-up blocking is turned off in your web browser.

        The online application opens in a new browser window, but it won't appear if pop-ups are blocked.

  • Important information:

    • This is a special early enrollment application only for students who will be entering grades K through 6 in the coming school year and whose parents would like them to attend our new expeditionary school.  

    • Applications submitted from November 15 to January 3 will be included in a lottery for the available places at each grade level at this school.  

    • Parents who miss this early application window will be able to select Nettie S. Freed as a preferred school for their children on their School Choice 2023-24 application.  The School Choice window for next year opens on January 16, 2022.
    • As with School Choice, seats are not awarded on a first-come-first-served basis.  Preference will be given to students living near the school, those with siblings who are also hoping to attend, etc.  Submitting your application on the first day has no effect on your success in this special lottery.

    • While we do our best for each applicant, submitting an application does not guarantee enrollment. There is a limited number of seats available at each grade level, but this early application will give parents the best chance of securing a seat.

    • As with School Choice, children who win seats at Nettie S. Freed automatically give up any claim on the seats at the schools where they would have otherwise attended.  Winning students will have seats reserved for them at Nettie S. Freed for as long as they remain enrolled at that school.

    • By submitting an application, parents commit to transporting the student(s) to and from the school if they win a seat.

    • The lottery results will be announced no later than January 13, 2022You will be contacted through your parent portal and using the email address or phone number you provided in your application.

    • If you need to make changes to a submitted application, please contact the Registration team at 719-253-6014 or by email at registration@pueblod60.org for assistance.

    Computer Access to complete your application is available at your current school, all public libraries, and the Student Records Office at the D60 Administration Building, 315 W 11th Street.


    Families with at least one child currently enrolled in a D60 school and an activated parent portal

    The link above will take you to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
    From the main menu, choose "More" and click "Registration or Early Freed App."
    After reviewing and updating household, parent/guardian and emergency contact information, you can update the information for each student and select one or more preferred schools for next year for any or all of them.
    If you need help accessing your parent portal, please contact the Technology Help Desk at 719-549-7111 for assistance.

    Families with no child currently enrolled in a D60 School or who haven't set up their parent portal

    The link above will take you to the Infinite Campus Online Registration System.

    You will need to provide names, birthdays, and contact information for yourself and your children.  Please be sure to enter full legal names for everyone.
    Be prepared to upload electronic versions (scans or readable pictures) of your photo ID, your proof of address, and your children's birth certificates and immunization records.
    For technical assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 719-549-7111.

  • The application requires you to review and confirm or enter normal student registration information, in addition to selecting school preference for one or more of your children.

    If you are having trouble with your parent portal and are trying to submit an application before a deadline, you always have the option of using the "NEW D60 FAMILY" version of the application.  It requires more data entry for current D60 families, but it bypasses any portal access issues.

    To select Nettie S. Freed Expeditionary School in the application for one or more students who will be in grades K through 6 next year, find the purple text in the lower right corner of the students' Demographics screen in the application and select this school from the dropdown menu.

    NS Freed Selected