Transportation Department

  • Transportation services for the district are provided by
    Student Transportation of America (STA)

    The district contracts with Student Transportation of America (STA) to provide transportation of eligible students to and from schools within their attendance area. Though not required by law, transportation to the school in your attendance area is provided according to the guidelines set forth in Board of Education Policy EEA. Elementary school students who live more than one mile from the school, and middle school students who live more than one and one-half miles from school are eligible to ride the bus to and from school. The district does not provide transportation to students attending programs or "schools of choice" outside their attendance area. Students may not ride a bus other than their STA-assigned bus.

    About Our Provider
    Transportation for the students of Pueblo School District 60 is provided by Student Transportation of America (STA). STA prides itself on being a family and community-minded business. Building on this family business culture, CEO Denis J. Gallagher began in 1997 with the goal of becoming North America’s premier safe, community-focused, employee-centric and service-oriented student and special service transportation provider. STA remains dedicated to developing and nurturing a unique company culture that focuses on employees, customers, and the Pueblo community.


    • Parents may also download the SAFE STOP application for their smartphone to view their student’s bus stops and status by contacting STA at 549-7217.
    • Information on specific bus numbers, bus stop and stop times for individual students is available at your child's school, calling STA at 549-7217.
    • School bus routes are designed based on a number of considerations, the most important of which is student safety.
    • If you have concerns about transportation, first call STA, 549-7217. If you need further assistance, then call the district's transportation liaison at 595-4296.


    SAFE STOP Application
    Learn more about our new mobile application that can provide you with real-time information on your student's transportation. Sign up to take advantage of the new SafeStop Mobile Application!

    STA Manager:  Cynthia Bailey @ 549-7214
    STA Dispatch:  549-7216 or 549-7217

    Bus Route Information

    Pueblo School District 60 busing information
    The school district determines which students are eligible for bus transportation based on the student’s grade level and the distance their home is from their school.

    Bus routes are tiered so that each bus can pick up students for two to three schools each morning and afternoon. Generally high school students are picked up earliest and elementary school students and middle school students picked up later. About 2,500 Pueblo students ride regular bus routes to school each day.

    Parents, guardians and anyone else who will be dropping off or picking up students at schools are reminded to use the approved designated drop-off spots. For the interest of safety, only buses will be allowed in busing pick-up/drop-off lanes.