Response to Uvalde, Texas

  • Dear Pueblo School District 60 families,

    Along with the rest of the nation, we are all heartbroken and grieving the loss of students and faculty in Uvalde, TX. Our thoughts are with the Uvalde community, and we also recognize that this tragedy impacts each of us in immeasurable ways. 

    The purpose of this message is to inform you about the various measures Pueblo School District 60 takes to ensure our staff and students are kept safe both physically and emotionally.

    As a district, we aim to promote a safe and positive culture at each of our schools.  We want students to have the appropriate support to cope with challenging situations. Students respond to situations like this in a variety of ways, so we encourage students who need support to reach out to their school so they can be connected to one of our counselors.   

    Our goal is to ensure all students have a strong connection with a trusted adult at their school.  Trusted staff members can offer our scholars the assistance, encouragement, and mentorship they need in order to navigate the school day, especially in challenging times.

    If a student is experiencing distress outside of school hours or over the summer months, here are some helpful resources:

    • Colorado Crisis Services:  844-493-8255
    • Health Solutions:  719-545-2746
    • State of Grace Counseling:  719-569-7909
    • Safe2Tell:  877-542-7233

    At the same time, processes and protocols are also important, and we take a multi-faceted approach to student well-being and safety.  

    Examples include:

    • Having more than 75 school professionals, including counselors, psychologists, interventionists, and social workers supporting the mental health and overall well-being of our students.  
    • Partnering with local law enforcement agencies through our School Resource Officer program, which fosters strong relationships between our students and law enforcement and maintains safe and healthy environments at each of our schools.  
    • Investing resources into school safety and security upgrades, like security cameras, security guards, two-way radios with law enforcement, and the Raptor Visitor Management system.

    Additionally, another key approach is training our staff and students on appropriate safety protocols.  This training is done on an annual basis and it includes, among other items, the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  We train staff and students on fire drills and lockdown procedures, and we conduct unannounced spot-check lockdown drills at all of our schools.  We also conduct annual Crisis Response and Reunification Exercises.

    The district also makes it a point to be vigilantly aware of threat assessments, as related to targeted school violence and suicide, by looking out for warning indicators. Our robust and highly trained Threat Assessment Teams, which include a school administrator, mental health professional, and school resource officer, are trained to respond based on the credibility and seriousness of the threat. Pueblo D60 also works closely with our partners at the Pueblo Police Department and cooperates with their thorough investigations, and if necessary, response. 

    Maintaining and providing a welcoming and inclusive environment at all of our schools is the first, and most important step to mitigating any threat of violence or disruptive behavior. 

    We appreciate your collaboration in supporting the safety and security of our students, schools, and community. Together, we can support the safety and well-being of our scholars, which is the overarching mission of our district.

    If you wish to share your support for the Uvalde community, GoFundMe has established a verified hub for people looking to support the victims of the Texas school shooting at:


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