Dress Code

  • Franklin School of Innovation does not currently have a school uniform policy, however, we do require students to DRESS FOR SUCCESS and adhere to the general school dress code guidelines outlined by Pueblo City Schools board policy. Appropriate school attire should not distract from the learning environment and should support a safe and orderly school environment. See the District’s Student Code of Conduct and Discipline Handbook for policy information.

    • Students must abide by the following general guidelines reflecting board policy and Franklin Elementary expectations:
    • Shirts must be fitted and long enough to naturally touch the top of the lower garment and/or be tucked in.
    • Shirt shoulders must be three finger widths wide; no spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, halter tops, or tanks with racerbacks.
    • Shirts hanging longer than fingertips when arms fully extended or pants sagging below the waist are unacceptable dress.
    •  Spandex shorts, see-through shirts, long belts, apparel with illustrations, or writing on them which may be interpreted to be offensive, and bandanas are an inappropriate dress for a school setting.
    • Jeans with excessive holes must have leggings worn underneath.
    • All attire should be sized to fit without exposing undergarments.
    • Shorts and skirts must be the appropriate length, longer than fingertips when arms are fully extended.
    • Shoes are required at all times. This includes activities in and out of the building. Students must wear some type of gym shoe or soft-soled shoes for gym classes. Flip flops are not allowed. Shoes with wheels built-in are also not allowed. Students should wear appropriate shoes on gym days.
    • Body piercing will not be allowed. Excessive piercing of the upper ear or the wearing of barbell or spear ear jewelry is not permitted; nor will excessive jewelry around the neck, ears, arms, or hands be permitted.
    • Jewelry that creates a safety hazard such as jewelry with spar edges, large hoop earrings, and safety pins will not be allowed. - 8 -
    • Hoodies and jackets are not allowed on in classrooms or hallways once the school day has started.
    • Wearing make-up at school is not permitted for our elementary age students.
    • Hats may not be worn in the building. Hats must be worn properly, not skewed, or backward when students are outside.
    • Students shall not wear distracting hairstyles to school.
    • Students may not wear clothing, hats, or any other item that is identified with a particular group/gang. If your child is in violation of the dress code, you will be called to provide clothing that complies.


    Spirit day is every Thursday. Students should wear a school T-shirt.