District 60 Strategic Plan

  • Students in front of Central High School

    In the fall of 2017, Pueblo School District 60 launched a strategic planning process designed to chart a course for 2018-2023, defining the expectations and aspirations that served as the foundation for growth.

    This process was conducted in collaboration with EPIC Impact Education Group with significant input and feedback from a diverse cross-section of parents, students, community advocates, government leaders, and District staff.

    With the conclusion of the five-year period defined by the plan, the District once again hosted a series of community feedback forums in order to gain insight and a fresh perspective from stakeholders for a three-year extension of the plan.

    We are grateful for the clear ideas, expectations, and inspiration provided by a diverse pool of forum participants. This information was incorporated into the extension, to serve as a guide as the District continues its work of preparing scholars for lives of purpose and impact.


Vision, Mission & Values

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    Mission Statement

    To provide a high-quality education that assures each student the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to lead a life of purpose and impact.

    Vision Statement

    To become a high performing school district that inspires community confidence.

    Core Values

    We believe that…

    • The success of every student is our most important commitment.
    • Collaboration and engagement with our community, parents, staff and students are essential to our success.
    • We must act with integrity, celebrate diversity, and promote equity.
    • Each individual must be treated with dignity and respect.
    • The social and emotional well being of our students is as important as their academic needs.
    • It is our responsibility to provide a safe, positive, and supportive environment for our students and staff.
    • Our community heritage, traditions, and history should inform our response to future student and district needs.
  • Cover of 2018-23 District 60 Strategic Plan

Last Modified on August 21, 2023