The Sophomore Personal Project

  • What is the Sophomore Personal Project?

    The Personal Project is a project in the Middle Years Programme that every sophomore, in all MYP schools, all over the entire world is required to complete. It is an opportunity to explore a topic that is of interest to you, to develop your approaches to learning skills further and to create something unique to you: make connections between previous learning and current learning, conduct experiments, make predictions and take action, collect data and report findings, clarify existing ideas and revise perceptions of events, deepen understanding by applying a concept, defend a position, solve problems through innovation, extend their understanding of academic honesty, and develop skills that will benefit them for the future.

    The Personal Project is exactly what its title says – a personal project.

    If you had the time and permission to do something you’ve always wanted to do, what would you do?  Compose your own music?  Write and star in your own film?  Restore a motorcycle?  Organize a 10K run?  Now is your chance!

    Basically, you choose a topic that interests you personally and a Global Context that helps you develop your project with a clear and specific focus. Deciding on the goal of your project can begin with the topic or the Global Context, but at some point both need to come together and form the goal.

    The Personal Project is the major interdisciplinary project you do to show that you are an effective independent learner with the range of necessary skills to be ready to progress to the next stage of your learning. You have to complete and submit a Personal Project during the final year of the MYP.