Free Lunch & Breakfast


    All students in Pueblo D60 will have access to free healthy, nutritious school meals beginning in the 2023-24 school year thanks to the Health School Meals for All program approved by Colorado voters.

    Our District is very excited to participate in the program. Here is some additional information and a few important reminders about what this means for our schools and families.

    • Please continue to fill out the Family Economic Data Survey (FEDS) While meals will be provided for free to all Pueblo D60 students through Healthy School Meals for All, it's important to continue gathering this information to receive full access to available federal funds that support nutritional programs at your school. We ask all Pueblo D60 families to complete the Family Economic Data Survey (FEDS) during registration for the 2023-24 school year. By providing this information, you will help our district access all available funds to cover the cost of meals and other nutritional programs for students. Plus, families who fill out the form may qualify to receive discounted school fees, class materials, bus passes, utilities support, and more!
    • All household income information provided in this form is strictly confidential and protected by law. Only one form is required for all children in the household. Immigration, migrant, citizenship, or refugee status are not required when completing the form.

    If you have questions about completing the FEDS form, please contact your school's nutrition department at or (719)549-7205.  Learn more about the Healthy School Meals for All program in this short video: Healthy School Meals for All - Informational on Vimeo

    ** The Spanish language video will be uploaded soon.

  • Community Eligible Provision Program (CEP)

  • School Health Services Medicaid Program

  • Non-discrimination statement

  • D60 Nutrition Services Department Civil Rights Complaint Policy