K-12 Registration


    Students from South Park Elementary


    Parents can now use our online system to register a child for kindergarten and higher grades for this school year!

    If you want your future kindergarten student to attend your neighborhood elementary school, we encourage you to visit the school in person to do so.  Bring your photo ID and proof of address documents with you, along with the child's birth certificate and immunization record.

    If your child was born on or before Oct. 1, 2017, he or she is eligibile for kindergarten for the 2022-23 school year

    If your child is too young for Kindergarten for the upcoming school year and you are interested in District 60's preschool program, you can find more information on the Preschool in District 60 page.

    You may register now online, and if you have questions, read our Q&A below, or contact our staff with your enrollment questions at (719) 253-6014 or via e-mail at registration@pueblod60.org.

  • How do I register?

  • What school will my child attend?

  • What if my child is currently enrolled in a D60 preschool?

  • What if my child wants to attend a school other than their neighborhood elementary school?

  • What do I need to register my child for Kindergarten?