First Grade School Supplies

  • Dear Parents,

    Here is a list of the first graders’ needed supplies.  If any other items are needed as the year progresses, we will inform you.  Otherwise, your child will be set for the entire year.

    Priority Items:

    • 1 – pair of  5” scissors
    • 24 - #2 YELLOW pencils, sharpened
    • 4 – pink erasers
    • 3 – boxes of 24 count crayons 
    • 8 – glue sticks 
    • 2 – boxes of 100 count tissue
    • 2 – wide ruled composition notebooks
    • 2 – pocket folders ( durable so folders can stand)
    • 1 – small pencil toolbox
    • 1–set of headphones – NO EARBUDS PLEASE
    • 1 – pkg. of dry erase markers
    • 1 – Backpack (can be reused from last year)
    • Ziploc Bags:  Boys: Gallon size
                         Girls: Quart size
    • Water Bottle

    Optional Items:

    •  1 Container of hand sanitizer
    •  1 Container of disinfecting wipes
    •  1 Ream of white copy paper


    (Please note: These items may be donated anytime throughout the school year)

    This is adequate for the year. We ask for all the items at the beginning so that you can take advantage of SALE PRICES but you may purchase items as needed throughout the year rather than everything at once. The supplies are collected and saved at the beginning of the year by the classroom teacher.  Each quarter some supplies are distributed and replenished.  All items, except pencils, need to have your child’s name written on them with a permanent marker.  If you have any questions or concerns about the materials needed or anything else, please feel free to drop by or call.