Student-Athlete Clearance for Participation



    The Athletic Department at Pueblo School District 60 now hosts their Pre-Participation Athletic Forms online with PlanetHS. This digital platform will allow you, and your student(s), to complete and access athletic forms via computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It is HIPAA, COPPA, and FERPA compliant. A link to the privacy policy is located at the bottom of the Sign-in page at

    To participate in high school or middle school sports, all athletes must (1) have an annual physical and (2) submit multiple forms through Planet High School. 

    • Log in or create a PlanetHS account (Note: Parents and students must create separate accounts)
    • For either new or returning PlanetHS users, follow this step-by-step guide or instructional video for guidance.
    • Pre-Participation Physical Form (3 parts): the Physical Exam and Medical Eligibility sections of the physical forms (signed by a health care professional) MUST be uploaded (take a cell phone photo or scan). The History section can be uploaded or completed online.
    • Parent and athlete digital signatures are required.

    If you need assistance with PlanetHS or need more information, please consult the PlanetHS help documents or email If you have questions regarding the content of form requirements, please contact your school Athletic Director.